KLEIN Yves (1928 – 1962)


SE 277, 1961
(Sponge Sculpture IKB pigmented)
ca. 4.2 x 6.4 x 6.4 cm, Unique

The Sponge Sculptures are an addition to the monochrome paintings and can be compared with flowers or trees.


Exhibition Poster
Monochrome und Feuer, 1961

(Monochrome and Fire)

From January 14th to February 28, 1961, the Museum Haus Lange realized the first retrospective of Klein’s work in Germany. The left part of the poster shows a Monochrome in blue. The exhibition catalogue (as shown below) and the poster are linked and form a unity.

Dimensions 64 x 48 cm


Monochrome und Feuer, 1961
(Monochrome and Fire)
32 x 23.5 cm

Catalogue of the exhibition with two silkscreen in blue and rose, as well as a gold-plated board with gold leafs. This triptych has been created by Yves Klein as a enclosure to the catalogue of the exhibition and he himself put the gold leafts on the gold-plated board edition. Therefore these works are unique.


Exhibition "Monochrome und Feuer" held at the Museum Haus Lange in Krefeld (1961).
It was Yves Klein’s largest retrospective and he showed his blue, pink and gold monochromes together with other works and his "Wall of Fire".
The catalogue with some explanatory text includes also three sheets in monochrome blue, pink and gold. There are also sponge sculptures in monochrome blue for sale. Both, the catalogue and a sculpture are sold those days for ten Deutsch Mark.