SPARKLING MOON by Martin Pauli

1.4435NcU Staybrite „Cup“ shape case mirror polished with 50.100 ct. sapphire crystal, historical hand-winding movement caliber FHF 96(Fabrique d'Horlogerie Fontainmelon 1965), Staybrite crown with cabochon Onyx, the inner case lacquered with black „Urushi“ lacquer dusted with diamond glitter. Staybrite back with 45.000 ct. sapphire crystal dusted with diamond glitter and lacquered on its reverse. The jumping disk, which replaces the dial, also black lacquered and dusted with diamond glitter, the glowing moon made of Glowing Urushi.

The disk jumps every day one step ahead. When it arrives at 12 o‘clock it indicates full moon, when its at 6 o‘clock, it indicates half moon. The revolving hour disk also lacquered and dusted with diamond splitters is set with a luminous hour dot, skeleton diamond cut steel hand.

Diameter 38 mm.

This timepiece is unique and has been manufactured at the atelier Angular Momentum.